A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Jenica Ballena. I am a graduate of BCIT's New Media Design and Web Development Program.

I like making cool things and trying to make cool things, so here's a site filled with some of the things I eventually end up with in my many attempts to create interesting things.

Skills & Attributes

Design: Illustrations, Graphic & Web Design

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut & After Effects

Scripts: HTML, CSS3 & JavaScript

Extras: Resourceful, Team Player, Geeky, Curious & Fun-Sized

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop

Using Photoshop and Illustrator, I manipulated a single tile texture I found on bitbox to create everything. Then I arranged the pieces in After Effects by rotating and resizing the pieces and I cut the doorway out using a mask. I wanted one of those fast moving camera shots leading up to a large ominous building but I realized that my pieces weren't big enough. I didn't want to resize the images, because then I'd have to zoom way out in After Effects to see the whole stage. So instead, I just changed the camera lens.

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop

I created the building faces in Photoshop using brushes and blending modes. I then arranged the faces by rotating the z-index of the images in After Effects. All that I needed to do was keep copying and pasting them until they made a city. I learned how to make the blue light using this tutorial from Video Copilot. The hardest part was getting the camera angles right so that the buildings wouldn't overlap and ruin the illusion. Although it looks 3D, After Effects is a 2D program and my buildings were just 2D images of 3D objects.

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop

Tools: After Effects

This was created using CC Hair in After Effects. I lengthened the hair length and layered it with different shades of green to created depth. The background is just a pale brown solid. The two flies that are flying around are just two tiny black solids that I put a random expression and blur on.

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

This is a green screen exercise we did in class. To get the shot right I had to stand on a box and drop my punch down on Jonathan (I didn't actually hit him by the way, he's just a really good actor). I used color keying, hue and saturation adjustments, and some rotoscoping so that I could put the kooky cloudy background in. Then I PUNCHED! it. And it turned out pretty well.

Morning Neighbour

Tools: Photoshop

Inspired by the Sunday Comics, I drew this in pencil, scanned it and colored it in with Photoshop. I created a mask so that I could put in the grass image that I found from Wikimedia Commons. Then I drew a solid frame around the main image and added a blending mode.

Lost Balloon

Tools: Photoshop

I drew the balloon with a soft brush, added reticulation and plastic wrap filters for texture, then layered copies with different blending modes, opacities, and added a soft outerglow. The buildings: masked gradients. The background: polar coordinates and wave filters on a linear gradient.

Visual Identity

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop


Tools: Illustrator

Here's my Illustrator challenge. An ongoing project for me as I try to apply what I've learned about Illustrator in the most efficient way possible. I've used gradient mesh, gradients, transformations, and more. Accompanying it is a list of what not to do and what I should always do.

Tri-Cities Theatre Listings

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop



Tools: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery)

Hi-Fi Mockup: The only elements in this site that were styled in Photoshop are the filler X images and the cart. Everything else was styled using CSS. This was an attempt at making a clean simplistic style using only CSS.

Version 1.0

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery)

Hi-Fi Mockup: This was my first step in creating a portfolio site. I wanted a dynamic website where I could experiment with Javascript. I originally started with the idea of having different background colours fade in and out.

Unserious Tea Mobile Version

Tools: Illustrator

Med-Fi Mockup: First attempt at a mobile site. This is for the fictional Unserious Tea Company. I tried to keep it simple with big buttons for a small screen. I used gradients, outer glows, distorts, blending modes, and scribble to create the stylized effect in the back.